How to Implement Fibonacci System In Casino

It might seem odd but in many cases, it has been established that mathematics and casino games are related. If you think about it, this shouldn’t be a surprise as mathematics has been an integral part of every aspect of life and gambling is not an exception. While gambling, there are rules to follow also. If you want to know about the rules go through here

It is no secret that the casino always has an edge over the players. However, there are ways to reduce the advantage of the casino while increasing one’s odds of winning. There are various betting strategies players use that enables them neutralize, partially or fully, the house’s edge and thereby accumulating more winnings by adhering with the system they are using.

Each casino game has a suitable betting technique. Some techniques are more universal and can be in implemented in various games while others can only be properly used in certain cases. Either way, selecting and applying a good betting strategy can be of assistance to all players. Whether the system is based on a positive or negative progression, in order to implement any betting strategy, you should study it very well and practice diligently beforehand to prepare yourself before you use it in a real life casino game.

Positive And Negative Progression Techniques

Betting techniques can be categorized into two basic types

The first is based on positive progression. When using a system following the positive progression, the player is required to increase their bet amount when they win and decrease it whenever they lose.

It is however advisable in this instance to increase your bets slowly after each win and lower the stake to the minimum amount possible whenever you lose.

The second type is based on negative progressions. This strategy is the opposite- when you win, reduce the bet amount; when losing increase the stake. There are a lot of betting systems based on this principle. Examples are the Martingale’s, Labouchere’s, D’Alembert’s and Fibonacci’s.

The Fibonacci Betting System

This betting strategy, implemented by many players in casino is based upon the sequence of Leonardo Pisano Bigollo which was developed more than 900 years ago. The Fibonacci’s is a cumulative progression. This implies that in a sequence of numbers, every number that follows is the total of the sum of the two numbers preceding it. Usually, it begins with 0 and 1. In gambling however, whenever the strategy is applied, the 0 is ignored. An example of the sequence is- (0,) 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89...... The progression can continue till infinity. The idea is that when you continue to increase your bets, your winnings will overcome the losses sooner or later. It is advisable to apply this technique with bets with even units. Let’s assume for example that $10 is a player’s single bet unit. Their sequence of numbers is – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 if they use the Fibonacci’s betting technique. This means the player should increase the bet amount after each loss; the bets will respectively be $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $130...... If one wins, one needs to go backs two numbers in the sequence. If for example you won when you bet $130, the next amount you stake should be $50. As you may have however figured out, the length on a player’s losing streak determines how effective the Fibonacci betting technique is. If you lose consecutively for a long time, it would be pretty hard to offset the losses. It is also probable you run out of money.

Advantages Of The Fibonacci Betting Technique

The casino game you apply the technique at determines the efficiency of the system to a great extent. At first glance, raising one’s stake each time one loses may not seem logical but the negative progression has certain advantages. The truth is, implementing the Fibonnaci technique rightly will most likely work for you at a certain time in the game unless you have already lost your whole bankroll and you no longer have any money to play again. The system is also pretty easy to memorise and apply. The advantage is that anyone can use it properly without being a math expert. All it really requires is basic addition and subtraction.

Disadvantages Of The Fibonacci Betting System

Like other systems using negative progressions, the Fibonacci betting technique should be handled with care as it is after all basically a mathematical concept. Although the original formula entails that the technique will work at any point in the game, this may include losing in a row for a long time, during which you increase bets continually each time you lose. If you do not win, you will likely end up staking your entire bankroll(and possibly losing it).

TheThe main disadvantage is that although the Fibonacci technique works, it is unfortunate that only in shorter terms are the best results observed. Also, the aim of the Fibonacci technique unlike most progressive systems is not to cancel out all your losses as you only go back two points when you win.

Based on probability, it becomes evident that the Fibonacci betting technique is not flawless let alone absolutely foolproof. This however also applies to most other betting strategies. Although in a short run, it may become beneficial to players. In any case, if you decide to apply the Fibonacci technique, it is advisable you set a limit for yourself. If you are losing in a row, it is recommended you stop increasing the stake after each loss, after 5 consecutive loss preferably.